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Mechanical Installation System

Mechanical and electrical installations

Supported mechanical and electrical installations for piping, air conditioning (HVAC) and mechanical and electrical equipment.

Currently, the construction and implementation of mechanical and electrical installations are often accomplished by connecting various types of profiles, studs, corners and steel fittings and welding operations.

The lack of engineering design, high support weight, uncompromising system, high product losses, high welding cost, inadequate appearance and high operating time are the disadvantages of the traditional method.

In the new system’s support system, galvanized steel profiles with cross-sectional dimensions and shapes, bolt types, bolts, nuts and galvanized steel parts are used to connect and build the support.

Prefabricated support samples

1 – High reliability


2 – High speed run

  • Complete removal of welding operations
  • Low weight components and the mechanism of quick and simple connection, and the portability of parts to each other
  • The existence of beak-shaped holes with a suitable length on the profile (no need for drilling)
  • Removal of rust and coloration by galvanizing of profiles and joints

3 – High flexibility and significant reduction of waste due to the presence of profiles with various sections and types of fittings and the ability to disassemble and reuse and make changes possible at each stage of work

4 – Corrosion resistance due to complete removal of welding operations and the presence of various coatings such as cold galvanizing, hot galvanizing and stainless steel

5 – The look is elegant and very suitable for applications that are in sight. (Expose)





Mechanical and electrical installations
















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Sample report profile design software (electric)

Sample Profile Profile Design Report (Mechanical)