Some projects of the collection

    • Sadr Tunnel – Niayesh, participation of Iranshahr and Tablieh companies

      Tehran Book Garden, Kisson and Saman Dezhpars companies

      Imam Khomeini mosque in Tehran, Iranshahr construction complex and Radiab company

      Qeshm water supply project, Sanat Nikan water company

      Hormozgan Zagh Gorge Tunnel, Benafa Qeshm Company

      Imam Khomeini International Airport Hotel, Design and Creation Company

      Baran Commercial-Administrative Tower, Stable Construction Group of Qarn and Iran Installation Industries Development Company

      The central library of the University of Science and Technology is a construction company

      Borujen Hospital, Asalt Company

      Aspidan commercial and office project

      Damavand Institute of Higher Education

      Nilo multi-story parking lot, participation of Tehran municipality

      Tehran Pars multi-level parking

      Mehr Parand Housing Building, Elvand Shelter Company

      Mirage Tower (Damavand), Karen Design Pasargad Company

    • Maryam’s commercial-office project, Qaran Sustainable Construction Group and Maroon Imran Company

      Construction projects in Kish Island

      Hypersan project, Middle East Najm chain stores company

      Koroosh commercial-office complex

      Kish Palace Hotel, Kish Iran Company

      Ahvaz city train, Kisson company

      Multi-story parking lot on April 12

  • Milad Qeshm project

  • Hormozgan Grand Bazaar project – Bandar Abbas

  • Aria Bandar Abbas complex

  • Eram commercial-office project, Mehestan company

  • Fardis Technology Village, Fanap Company

  • Duniya Noor commercial complex

  • Pardisan Residential Complex, Saman Sazeh Arsh Company

  • Saderat Bank of Iran residential complex

  • Golestan Khayyam commercial-office complex

  • Laden Farmanieh residential complex

  • Bagh Behesht residential complex

  • Amatis Zafaranieh Residential Complex, Nova Plast Company

  • Faraz Yasser residential complex

  • Shemiran mobile and computer center

  • Jomohori multi-story parking lot, Hanza company
  • Parvin Residential Complex, Iranian Company

  • Moheb Hospital
    Tehran Governorate building

  • Middle East Bank
    Elaheh Stable Company

  • Quds Hotel, Mashhad
    Bazaar of the Nations of Mashhad

  • Almas Gharb Tabriz complex

  • Saipa Kashan Factories
    Opal Shahrek Gharb commercial and office complex

  • Arsh Ajudaniyeh Complex, Nik Sazeh Mahor Company

  • Shipping residential complex, South Sazeh company

  • The central building of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad
    Nazi Abad Persian Project
  • Waliasr multi-story parking lot

    Qeshm City Center,

  • Qeshm Life Company

    Royal Center Qeshm,

  • Qeshm Life Company

    Milad Qeshm project


    Hormozgan Grand Bazaar project – Bandar Abbas