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Fire Stop

Fire Stop

In construction and industrial projects, in general, two methods are used to prevent the creation and spread of fire and fire:

1 – Active methods:

In this method, electric and mechanical systems designed to detect fire and / or fire and prevent the spread of  fire and smoke are used.

These systems operate using an external source of energy, such as electricity and water pressure, or human intervention.

Fire extinguishers, smoke and heat warning devices, and sprinkler systems are examples of equipment that works in an active way.

2 – Passive methods:

According to international research reports and findings, and given that two thirds of fatalities and deaths from fire due to choking and inhalation of smoke and toxic gases, none of the anti-proliferation systems And do not release smoke and toxic gases.

In the passive method, materials and materials are used which according to their properties and sex absorb the fire energy and have the ability to prevent flame spreading, spreading heat, smoke and toxic gases during fire. Resist a period of time.

This method is divided into two major parts:

  • Fireproof building materials (such as walls, floors, doors, windows, channels, etc.)
  • Fire Stop

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